Got Stamps?

If it can sit still, it can be stamped!

I’ve returned from the land of the “dead”!!!!

I’ve been so bad about my blog, and I’ve decided to resurrect it!!! I see that my last post was practically a year ago…..go fig. Guess time REALLY got away from me.


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A Break from Stamping….

So, since my sister’ wedding this weekend, I had to take a break from stamping to do the calligraphy for her placecards.  If I never see a calligraphy pen again, it will be too soon.  But, I think they look great-so does she, and that’s all that matters, right?  🙂


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Quick Birthday Pocket Card

I made this card for a co-worker…her colleagues wanted to give her a gift certificate to spend with me!!  I used “Eat Cake” and Cutie Pie paper.

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Driver Treats

I made two of these for my daughter’s bus drivers.  Just a little thank you for getting her to and from school safely.


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Teacher Gift

I made this double gift card hold out of chipboard coasters and Cutie Pie paper.  I had purchased a gift card from Staples and a Gift Card from Starbucks for Maddie’s teacher and classroom aide.  They have been a part of our lives for 2 years straight – and deserve sainthood for putting up with my kids! 😉


On the inside front cover is a note of thanks from my daughter, and on the inside back cover is a note of thanks from us.


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If I could stamp it, I would.

Here are some cakes I’ve made recently:

Lightning McQueen Cake for son’s birthday:

Spongebob Squarepants for his school party:

A melting Wicked Witch of the West cake for a cast party @ EPAC:

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Here Comes the Bride

One of the weddings I am in this summer is for my best girlfriend, Renee.  We have known each other since college and are two peas in a pod.  This is the invitation for her shower and bachelorette party I threw her.


For Renee’s shower, I stamped and made TWO three tier cakes out of paper.  Inside of them, I put cream cheese mints that I made.  60 slices later, I was sick of cake.  In all seriousness, I loved how these turned out!  These were for her shower in Syracuse.


Here is a chocolate coffee shower gift that I made.  I used our new rub-ons on this tin I found at the dollar spot.  In the tin is Starbucks Chocolate & Starbucks Coffee.

This favor was for her shower in Poughkeepsie:

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Easter Goodies

Here are the baskets that I made for my parents and husband for Easter.  Just take a square piece of cardstock, score into thirds ( so you have 9 squares ), and cut the vertical score lines closest to you and farthest from you.  Pull the ends to meet in the middle.  Embellish as desired!


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My little Pookie…..

A break from the stamping world…here’s a pic of my son who was 4-yr-old Tommy in The Who’s “TOMMY” at the Endicott Performing Arts Center this past February.  This was his first time on stage, and I was so proud of him.  For a 5yo to play a deaf, dumb, and blind 4yo, keep a blank stare, and not come out of character – is no small feat.  He has definately been bitten by the acting bug and can’t wait to start Seussical!  Also in this picture are Dustin H., and Alex B. (who was 4yo Tommy, the last time EPAC did this show).

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Wild Rose, How I’ll Miss You!


I just got this set, but now it’s retiring! 😦  Oh, Wild Rose, I don’t think I can let you go.  I’m totally not a flowery person, but I’ve always eyeballed this stamp set and finally caved.  

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