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Faux Snowglobe


Here is my first attempt at a faux snowglobe. It really is WAY easier than it looks!

1) Using a cutting system, cut a transparency in a 2 7/8″ circle, leaving a small gap before you complete the circle (you can then cut a tab).
2) Stamp your snowflake in stazon white, so that the top is opposite the tab.
3) Apply white embossing powder on your image and flick off.
4) Emboss the snowflake.
5) Wait a few minutes, then roll up and insert into glass ornmanent, keeping the tab sticking up into the top of the ornament.
6) Add Buffalo Snow, or Diamond Dust into the ornament.
7) Punch out a 3/4 ” circle and cut two slits in it, opposite each other.
8) Place this in the metal ornament topper.
9) Cover a fruit can in desired paper ( I used a jello cup)
10) Add crystal effects around edge of can.
11) Turn over ornament onto can and leave to dry.
12) Add ribbon as desired.


November 30, 2007 - Posted by | Projects, Tutorials

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