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Squash Book

Here is a squash book that I made for my friend’s parents – so that they could add pictures of their new granddaughter. This is so easy it’s ridiculous! 🙂 The directions are done so that you can use chipboard coasters as the front and back cover.

Basic Directions:

1) Cut 3 pieces of cardstock 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″. Stamp as desired.
2) Fold in half, open, fold in half the other way, open, fold diagonally – one time. Do this for all three pieces.
3) Lay out the pieces side by side, so that the diaganol fold line is straight up and down. We’ll call these Piece A, B and C.
4) Glue B’s left side square on top of A’s right side square. Glue B’s right side square on top of C’s left side square.
5) Mountain fold the diagonal fold for piece A and piece C. Valley fold the diagonal fold for Piece B. This will allow everything to squash together.
6) Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 4″x4″. Stamp as desired, use the corner rounder for the corners.
7) Affix to 2 chipboard coasters.
8) Affix the back of piece A’s left square to the back of one coaster. Affix the back of piece B’s right square to the back of the other coaster.

Embellish as desired!

***NOTE: If you would like to affix a ribbon to hold it shut, glue a long piece UNDER the cardstock for the front cover…then just wrap it around the back and tie to itself. This is the easiest closure.***


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Pirate Birthday Invitation

I made this invitation for my son’s party – which was pirate themed. It was made using the quarterfold technique. Here’s how:

1. Take two pieces of cardstock. Lay one of them in your cutter portrait-wise and cut at 4 1/4″ (in half, the long way. We’ll call this piece A.
2. Take your second piece of cardstock and place it in your cutter landscape-wise and cut at 5 1/2″ (In half, the horizontal way) We’ll call this piece B.
You actually now have pieces to make TWO cards!!
3. Take piece A (the long piece) and score at 2 3/4″ and 8 1/4″.
4. Take piece B (the short piece) and score at 2″ and 6 1/2″.
5. Fold pieces A and B on the score lines. Glue the back of piece A and lay on top of piece B.
6. When dry, turn over with all of the flaps open. Stamp the flaps as desired. Color or embellish as desired.
7. Stamp a message on the inside of the card.
8. Fold the card like you would a box-top. (The last piece gets tucked, so that all flaps are held down.)
9. Embellish the outside more if you would like to.

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